CBF-10H 3 in 1 Bladeless Air Purifing Cold Fan Heating Fan

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CBF-10H is the latest vertical bladeless purifying cooling fan designed and manufactured for indoor circulation ventilation, assist air conditioner cooling and heating, air purifying and sterilization by “ZuoLynn” in 2022. It has an Exclusive appearance patent design.
CBF-10H has the ability to efficiently filter dust particles, and the circulating cold air can effectively kill harmful bacteria in the air, reduce the growth of bacteria, and improve the air.

Size: 1000*265*265mm
Power:33W(cooling mode), 2000W(heating mode)
Voltage: 100-240V
Temperature:sensible temperature 22-25℃(cooling mode), 25-35℃(heating mode)
Color: White, Black, Customized

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Bladeless Purification Fan Standing Room Air Cooler 99.9% Sterilize Air Purifier Air Circulation Smart Bladeless Tower Fan

Humanize Design: This floor fan is fitted with a large clear Digital display that can display the speed, mode, timer, and oscillation.
Natural mode provides soft wind that accompanies you when you are reading a book, watching TV, or working. Normal mode works when you need to relieve heat quickly.
Sleep mode, more gentle, stay cool for your sweet dream at night.
60° wide angle oscillation and high speed can sweep any heat away.
For quicker cooling, ours provides wider coverage of airflow, combine with your cooling air conditioner to cut cooling costs during hot days.

Advantage of CBF-10H 3 in 1 Bladeless Air Purifying Cold Fan
Hidden bladeless purifying fan.
Exclusive leafless design, safe to use.
Double layer HEPA Filter, air purifying efficiency 99.5%.
DC motor single cooling 33W, low noise, energy saving and environmental friendly.
UVC lamp beads improve the sterilization efficiency of the entire space, and the sterilization efficiency is 99.74%.
12 hours timing.
Baby lock.
Wifi option.
Remote control and APP control.

Technical Data of CBF-10H 3 in 1 Bladeless Air Purifying Cold Fan

Size 1000*265*265mm
Power 33W(cooling mode), 2000W(heating mode)
Frequency 50-60Hz
Voltage 100-240V
Temperature 22-25℃(cooling mode), 25-35℃(heating mode)
Running Decibels 36dB
Shell Material Flame Retardant ABS
Color White, Black, Customized Color



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