CBF-08C Portable Floor Fan Electric Mini Vertica Bladeless Fan Summer Air Tower Fan

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Portable Floor Fan Electric Mini Vertica Bladeless Fan Summer Air Tower Fan

Size: 1000*265*265mm

Voltage: 100-240V
Temperature: colling mode sensible temperature 22-25℃
Color: White, Black, Customized

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Bladeless electric fans lead a new revolution in the fan industry! The biggest difference between a bladeless fan is that it does not have the "leaf" of a traditional fan!
Since its listing, the bladeless fan has attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign merchants. In the hot summer, the emergence of bladeless electric fans has caused a huge impact on the electric fan industry.
"At present, many homes use air conditioners, which not only consume too much electricity, but also have almost no possibility of ventilation. The three-lobed leaves of traditional fans are not only troublesome to clean, but also pose a certain safety hazard to children.
The new bladeless fans are not only much lower in price than air conditioners, but also have strong ventilation. The new electric fan without fan blades and runners can completely avoid the pain of cleaning fan blades while blowing cool air for you. It can generate a magical and continuous cool wind. Since it has no blades and is not covered with dust, it is not harmful to curious children. It is an ideal product that is both safe and energy-saving.
The design is novel, exquisite and practical, beautiful and generous, keeping up with the trend of the times.

Item: 3 in 1 Air Purifying Bladeless Fan and Heater
Voltage: 220V-240V,50/60Hz
Model No:(without heating) CBF-08C
Price FOB (Shanghai) USD 72USD
Rated Power for Heating of 2,000W optional upcost 15 USD
Color Black
Display LED display
Rated Power for Cool 33W
HEPA filter 99.50%
UVC killing Virus( such as H1N1,COVID-19) 99.74%
Noise(Low Speed) 35 dB(A)
Noise(Max Speed) 58 dB(A)
Remote Controller Yes
CADR 92.7m³/h
Timer 12 hours
Auto swing 60 degree from right to left
Net Weight 4.7 kgs
Gross weight 8 kgs
Body Size (mm) 1000*265*265
Package Size(mm) 1070*280*290
Loading Qty for 40ft HQ 693pcs
MOQ 693pcs





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