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Why choose bladeless fan now?

Advantages of ZuoLynn Bladeless Fan
1. Safe leafless design, the baby is safer to use, and the mother is more assured
2. The soft wind doesn't blow directly, and people have no slapping feeling. It will not cause headaches when blowing for a long time. It's very suitable for the elderly and children.
3. No fan blade is not easy to fall ash, ABS flame-retardant shell, easy to clean.
4. Simple and stylish appearance, exclusive patented design, suitable for various interior decoration styles, home appliances. Even can be used for indoor decoration.

The weak point of Conventional Fan
1. The edge of the fan blades with hard materials such as metal is sharp, and the gap between the fan blades is large, which is easy to hurt the hands of the curious baby.
2. The impact of the wind is strong, and people feel uncomfortable when they blow for a long time, and they are prone to headaches and even colds.
3. Dismantling and cleaning the fan blades is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
4. The shape is single, and the volume is not easy to store.

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“ZuoLynn” can give you more than a simple cooling wind!

ZuoLynn Bladeless Fan——The circulating air duct design
The wind speed difference makes the wind collide with each other to form a more concentrated spiral airflow. As the distance from the air outlet increases, the collecting wind gradually spreads, making the air supply distance farther.

Conventional Fan——Restricted Air Duct
Conventional fans have a blade design.
The wind beam is scattered and not concentrated, resulting in a short air supply distance and poor effect.

Our Calling
Established in 2018
Jiangsu Calling Electric Co. Ltd. Is originated from Gathering Company founded in 2018 developing mainly on the bladeless fan, whicn is located in well-known industry zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu with a plant size over 20,00sqm concentered in design, development, production and sales together. The sold markets approved our product is popular.

Calling Electric is professional factory on the development of multi-functional bladeless air purifying fan heater with the experienced engineers an QC teams about 20 years.

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Post time: Jun-08-2022